Monday, January 2, 2012

Awakening a Dark God

Awakening A Dark God,
Created for the group "#Fantasy-Empire"
for a competition called storytime.
Requirements for competition

-An egg
-A Human/Humanoid
-An element (fire, water, ice, earth, etc.)
-Must be ONE image, not a series of images, that tells a story.
-Artist comments must outline the story (we want to see if you portray it well with your image :3 )

"The young summoner reached towards the egg that imprisoned the the dark god.
He had been guided here by the necklace bestowed to him by the Weaponsmith, one of the orginal Paradoxes.
The two white shadows who had travelled with him had summoned up an acid trench to keep the House of Ara at bay. At least to fend them off long enough for them to summon forth their own monsters
The soldiers of the house of Ara wanted to awaken the god themself. This is the point of the story just as the summoners and soldiers of Ara attack."

Took 5 days to paint this entire painting.

Only just found out about the contest last week and wanted the challenge

Could probably take another month working on it but the contest finishes today.
any thoughts or ideas on what you think would be appreciated.

Ingredients that I used -

1 Dark God egg
1 Dark guiding necklace
1 entire world filled with Elemental darkness
22 humanoids
9 monsters being summoned with elemental darkness
2 artifacts hidden on summoners
so hugs to all of you

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